The 5 Weirdest Chess Variants Ever

The 5 Weirdest Chess Variants Ever

If you play chess or are a fan of watching competitions, you might want to pay close attention to this. We’ll be taking a look at the 4 weirdest variants of the strategy game that you might appreciate – you’d be surprised by how many ways the game can actually be played.

While the game requires you to think just a few steps ahead, it’s amazing how it all changes with one variant to the next. Not to mention, there are also some tweaks to the rules. Sure, the color of the pieces is still the same. So are the cast of characters. But once you try your hand at one of these versions of the game, you might find it mind-blowing.

Let’s begin by checking out the first variant of chess that is just downright crazy:

1.  Cubic

This type consists of a normal 64-square board where the pieces are shaped like a cube (hence the name). Four sides of each cube display different pieces – pawn,  bishop, knight, and rook, while the other two sides are blank.

The main rules are still the same as the standard game, but there is one important difference – instead of a normal move, your turn can be the rotation of a piece (so it becomes another piece). For this, however, you’d first need to have captured that type of piece from your opponent.

There’s more to it, of course, but it’s easy to see how this can totally change the game. Just imagine a game of chess where you have three knights and four rooks!

2.  Third Millenium Chess

At first, you think it’s just a classic game with the inclusion of a board. But add a cylinder into the mix and everything changes. What makes this game a lot more interesting is the way you move your knights. You can move them both in tandem at the same time.

Sure, it sounds like a complex way to play the game but it gives you plenty of ground to cover in your attack. But they don’t always have to move in the same direction. They can go in opposite directions so you have as much coverage as possible.

3.  Atomic Chess

This is where things get interesting. The goal of the game is to capture the King. In the event of that happening, it’s checkmate and game over.

But in this game, the players take it one step further. If a player captures the opponent’s King, all the other pieces in the eight surrounding squares are killed in the process. If both Kings are killed in the same “explosion”, the rest of the pieces will have to fight for survival.

This is without question one of the craziest variants ever to exist. And it can be a game of “pure madness” when both Kings could be killed in the “explosion”. It’s the kind of game you could probably turn into a Hollywood film if you had the creativity to put one together.

4.  Three-player chess

For this variant, we’ll be taking a look at a version where three players are involved. How on Earth does this happen? For one, the board is circular rather than a standard square (think Chinese Checkers). And the third player will likely move the gray-colored pieces.

Since the board is in a circular motion, the rook can move in a curved direction rather than left to right or up and down. Other than that, the moves for all the other pieces are just about the same. If you are looking for a real challenge, three-player chess might be quite exciting to play.

5.  Suicide Chess

This throws the capture rules right out the window. The object is capturing all your opponent’s pieces. So if you capture the King, the game isn’t over. One of the things you’ll need to avoid is placing your pieces in a position of strength.

The one thing that you’ll need to prevent other than losing is a stalemate. It’s a winner-take-all battle of the board that is considered one of the most popular types of chess that you can play. If you want to have fun with the chessboard, this is the kind of game you want to play with a friend if you want to do some goofing off.

Final Thoughts

There are many variants of chess that exist. But of the five listed above, they are among the most bizarre. If you really want to have fun and change things up a bit, you might want to grab a chessboard and a few friends and try your hand at these.

These types of games can last minutes or even hours. Even if you don’t play the game, it’s actually fun to watch the events unfold. We do warn you though, this may cause you to generate some kind of new interest in chess.

You don’t have to be a Grandmaster at the game, but a basic understanding and know-how of the game will make the difference. Before you know it, you too might find yourself playing a game of Atomic Chess or the like.